My Blogging Journey One and a Half Years Into It

Have you ever heard of how easy it is to start a blog or how easy it is to make money online? Well I’m here to share what I’ve learned about both!

How to Start a Blog

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This post is much different than my other articles which talk about gardening, raising chickens, baking, etc. But I am finally far enough into my blogging journey, and am making enough money that I feel confident to write about the “blogging” topic. 

But for those who are only wanting homesteading related content, don’t worry, that is still the main focus of my blog. Articles related to blogging will be few and far between. 

I want to first jump ahead to why I love blogging so much right now as of July, 2020!

It has allowed me to connect with thousands of people all across the world and I truly feel that I have made friendships with so many like minded people!

Do you ever hold back talking about your hobbies and passions with others because they just don’t seem to understand or get what you mean?

Well with my blog I get to talk about everything I love the most and then I get readers who email me back who love the same exact things!

So if you feel like you need connections with others who have similar passions as you, I truly believe a blog is the best thing for that!

So now on to my blogging journey and what I’ve learned!

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My Blogging Journey 

I remember the exact day when I decided I’d start a blog. 

It was during my 3rd year of college in March of 2018 and I was waiting in between classes at Fresno State University.

I was scrolling through pinterest and came across this article titled something along the lines of “How I Make Money on My Homestead.”

Well I was super interested because I’ve had a garden, chickens, horses, etc. for my entire life!

So as I read through the article one of the ways this lady made money was on her blog that taught about homesteading related topics. 

At that point I knew absolutely nothing about blogging and I was not a very tech savvy person at all, but I instantly wanted to learn!

At that point in my life, if I could turn a blog into something profitable I could have my own online business going by the time I graduated the following year and then I would not have to go out and search for a normal full time schedule job.

So I bought the online course that this lady was recommending in her article and it was the best choice I ever made!

The course is called Launch Your Blog System and it is taught by another homestead blogger, Victoria Pruett, who makes over $8,000 a month blogging!!

But no matter what topic you decide to blog about she will help! The course is an amazingly helpful, step by step course with videos showing you exactly how to set everything up if you’re just getting started, and then it helps you through learning all that you need to know to run a successful and profitable blog. 

At this point in time I have bought over 15 different courses teaching you how to start blogging and this is still one of the most helpful ones I’ve taken!

Fast Forward to July of 2020

Before I go into the details of what I went through and did along the way, I want to talk about where I am at! 

As of the end of July, 2020 I have made $7,121 on my blog just counting income made in 2020. And my only expense is $180 a year for web hosting and $700 a year for my email list, but that is only because I have a list of over 4,000 people. 

If you are just starting out it’s free. 

But I make over half of my income from my email list so it’s completely worth the cost!

So at the halfway point of this year I had made around $6,000 and that number will for sure be the same or possibly even higher for the next half of the year. 

That means by the end of the year I will have made a minimum of $12,000 on my blog for the year, but likely it will be closer to the $15,000 – $20,000 range.

I’d say that’s a pretty good profit for something that only costs less than $1,000 a year to run. 

But you’re likely thinking that’s not much money for a full time income or even a part time income for that matter. 

But you’ve got to think long term when it comes to a blog and all the potential that it has.

My income from my blog in 2019 was only $984 for the entire year and in the first half of 2020 it is over to $7,000. 

That’s 7x more revenue in half the amount of time!

So what if my revenue does the same thing next year?

Even if it just doubles, my blog will be making $24,000 next year. 

But what if it does 7x the revenue again! 

I’m sharing this because I want to show you the potential that a blog really has. 

If you are looking for some extra spending money or for something that can make you a full time income, it is totally possible with a blog! 

Next I want to talk about the timeline of my blog and what has happened from starting until now.

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Blogging Timeline

Here are important dates and events that have happened throughout my blogging journey.

  • March 2018 
  • September 2018 
    • Published my first blog post. 
  • November 2018
    • Got started with Amazon Associates, which is the first way I began to make money online. 
  • 2018 Total Income Earned
    • $10.91
  • August 2019
  • November 2019
  • 2019 Total Income Earned 
    • $984
  • March 2020
  • April 2020
    • Got started with Media Vine Ads on my site. As of now they require 50,000 sessions a month to get approved so as soon as I reached that I applied. 
  • June 2020 
  • 2020 Total Income Earned as of July 2020
    • $7,121

The Amount of Time I’ve Invested

Before getting into the exact details, I have to be honest and say I have not given this my all. I have been busy with other things but I’ve invested in courses and a few mastermind coaching sessions which have given me the knowledge to get to where I am.

So if you feel like you don’t have the time to blog, I want to assure you that you can do it!

The amount of time spent working on my blog varies from week to week, but I want to give you a general idea. 

From March of 2018 to May of 2019 I was in school full time finishing my Bachelors Degree, working, and blogging, so I probably put in an average of 5-10 hours per week working on anything blogging related. 

June of 2019 to July of 2020 (which is the current month as of writing this article) I have probably put in 10-20 hours per week.

I still work part time as well and then in June I got engaged, so the last couple months have been pretty much devoted to wedding planning. But my blog is still doing well and making money even though I really haven’t been working on it. 

I feel a bit ashamed to admit that I haven’t invested as much time into working on my blog as I could have but I’ve been able to turn it into a growing success while still accomplishing everything else going on in life.

So if you’re worried you don’t have time, I believe you can be exactly where I am or further if you strategically work on what is most important!

Where Do You Begin

I hope by now you’ve gone through this article and feel some inspiration!

Blogging can bring financial freedom but most of all it can bring happiness from sharing your passions and connecting with like minded people!

So where do you begin?

1.) You need to think of a domain name and sign up for website hosting.

I recommend using SiteGround, they are the hosting company I started with and still currently use. 

2.) Then I would recommend buying a blogging course to teach you how to set up your blog, how to design your theme, how to write good posts, how to make money, etc. 

I recommend Victoria Pruett’s course Launch Your Blog System.

3.) Then you need to just start! Start writing posts, the more you do it the easier it will come. And remember, everything can be edited, so you can always go back.

My most popular post to this day is the first blog post I ever published and I remember how nervous I was to publish it, but thank goodness I did!

4.) You need to get signed up with an email provider. Having an email list is going to seem confusing when you start but I promise it will eventually be easy and it is SO important.

I recommend Convertkit. It is the service I currently use and I love it. It is user friendly and it starts off free!

5) Don’t focus on all social media platforms. Start with Pinterest only and once you feel like you’ve mastered it, add in another platform such as facebook or instagram.

You can make profiles on all of them but just focus your effort on Pinterest to begin with.

Then once you feel like you have figured out how to make pinterest images and publish your articles to Pinterest look into investing in a service such as Tailwind.

Tailwind allows you to schedule all your pins so that you don’t have to pin manually everyday.

If any of this feels overwhelming, I completely understand.

I remember sitting on my bed with my laptop open just staring at the screen and feeling completely lost.

But now things that took me months to figure out now only take me minutes to complete.

So this whole blogging thing is something anybody can eventually figure out and make successful as long as you just keep going!

If you’re interested in blogging and would like to learn more from me or ask me any questions I would be super happy to help!

Just fill out the form below to start learning about blogging and I will respond back via email to any questions!

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