Ready to get your garden planted on time?

You're not going to believe how much easier gardening will be with this schedule. If you've ever missed a planting date, you know how frustrating it can be. So be sure to get this FREE planting schedule so you can get all of your vegetables planted on time!


Hey There! I'm Audrey!

I help passion-driven people trailblaze their way to a more self-sufficient life filled with happiness, plants, & chickens.

I am so excited to help you along your gardening journey! I have grown a garden in zone 9b my entire life and have had my fair share of failures and wins.

The biggest thing I see zone 9b gardeners failing at is planting the wrong crops and planting during the wrong season. But I get it because I've done it too!

Most gardeners don't realize that the majority of planting information out there does not really apply to us within zone 9, which is why I started taking extensive notes and studying what really worked and what didn't after each season.

So now I have the Zone 9b Planting Schedule that can easily help gardeners get their vegetables planted on time every season!

Happy Gardening!

~ Audrey