Take the Stress out of gardening while saving money too

growing a garden has never been easier

"every week I am taking unnecessary trips to the grocery store"

"life is busy and I don't have the time to garden"


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✔︎ Vegetable Gardening Success is a fully online digital course that teaches you all that you need to know to have a thriving vegetable garden in your own backyard!

✔︎ I share all my tips and tricks for automating watering as well as preventing weeds so that no matter how busy you are, your garden will be taking care of itself.

✔︎ I’ll also teach you planting methods such as succession planting so you’ll have continued harvests all season long, which means no more last minute trips to the grocery store when all you need are tomatoes!



Audrey from Audrey's Little Farm

Hi I’m Audrey!

I am so excited to help you along your gardening journey! I have grown a garden my entire life and have had my fair share of failures and wins. So in this course my goal is to help you avoid the failures and skip right on ahead to the gardening wins! 

You will gain back time with your family, save money, and watch your stress disappear!

Fresh Vegetables from the Garden

▶︎ Now that you’ve read all the perks that go along with having your own garden, you can either continue wasting money each week by driving to the store for only a few items, or you can walk into your backyard and pick the freshest veggies possible! 

▶︎ Make a decision today that will save you time and money so that you can finally relax and enjoy life!

▶︎ To start your garden today, simply click the button below and fill in your information. You will then have instant access to my course, Vegetable Gardening Success!





Garden Planning Bonus Pack – 7+ Printable PDF’s to help you better plan out your garden, year after year! 

A $47 value!



"I am finally growing an awesome garden!"
This course gives so much information and Audrey's tips for setting up a timer and for preventing weeds have saved me so much time!
Cover Image for Online Digital Course - Vegetable Gardening Success


Not sure yet? At least don’t leave empty handed!

Download my FREE garden planting schedule. 

It includes all planting dates based off of your own frost dates!

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