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Vegetable Planting Schedule: With All Planting Dates

Trying to remember exactly when to plant all of your vegetables can feel like a pretty overwhelming task! Thankfully this vegetable planting schedule has all of the planting dates for over 30 of your most common vegetables!

Once you know your first and last frost date it will allow you to find the exact dates for when to start seeds indoors, when to direct sow, and when to transplant!

Vegetable Planting Schedule

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I have had a garden for as long as I can remember and by now you’d think I’d know exactly when everything should be planted…

And while I do know what vegetables do best in spring and which ones do best in fall, I still find myself checking the back of seed packets every year to make sure I am planting at the right time.

And unfortunately, most of the time when I want to start something from seed I realize I am too late. Which then means I have to wait until the following year and plant transplants instead.

So having a vegetable planting schedule has been a lifesaver!

  • It keeps me organized
  • Allows me to see the planting dates for all of my vegetables in one place
  • And most importantly, keeps me on track for planting during the correct time of year

Once you have grown something a few times in your area you’ll start to figure out which vegetables you can still successfully grow before and after their recommended planting dates, but it’s always nice to have a guideline.

So that’s why I have created this vegetable planting schedule!

All you have to do is figure out the first and last frost dates in your zone and then you fill in your dates next to each vegetable.

  • It’s a PDF download so you can print it off and handwrite in your dates
  • Keep a digital copy 
  • Plus reuse it year and year again!

The garden schedule provides you with the exact dates for when to plant each vegetable including the:

1.) First outdoor transplanting date

2.) First outdoor direct seeding date

3.) Last planting date of the season (plus whether you should transplant or direct seed)

Get Your Vegetable Planting Schedule Here

As soon as you put in your information above the vegetable planting schedule will be delivered straight to your inbox!

I hope you enjoy it and have a super successful gardening season!

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