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Chicken Keeping Essentials

Below are all of the products and resources that I recommend for all chicken keepers.

The Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens

This ebook covers all the basics of chicken keeping. I go over how to choose the best breeds, raising chicks, everyday care, coop set up, and more! Learn more here.

Nesting Box Liners

These are my absolute favorite nesting box liners. They last for at least a month and even longer if you add some shavings on top every few days.

You can learn more about these nesting box liners in my article here.

Automatic Waterer

An automatic chicken waterer makes chicken keeping so much easier. Simply taking away that one small worry of checking and filling their water every day makes a huge difference.

I’ve tried many other automatic waterers out there and they always seem to have issues. But this one has been great.

I screw it in place to a board in the chicken run and then I screw a board just above it at a 45-degree angle so that the chickens can’t stand on top of the water and poop in it.

Chicken Feeder

I love to have a free-feeding chicken feeder so you don’t have to feed your flock every day. This feeder here has the option to hold 10, 25, or 50 pounds of food depending on the size of your flock.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a chicken keeper’s best friend!

It is an all-natural product that kills mites and bugs and so it is a great addition to your chicken’s dust bath.

It’s also great for controlling odors and so it’s beneficial to sprinkle throughout the chicken coop and chicken run after you clean it

If you’d like to learn more about diatomaceous earth and all the ways that I use it with my chickens, check out my article here.

Oyster Shell

Oyster shell is essential if you have laying hens. It provides them with the additional calcium they need for laying eggs with hard eggshells.

You can learn more in my article, The Benefits of Oyster Shell for Chickens.

Poultry Grit

Poultry grit is another essential element to your chicken’s diet that helps them properly digest their food. You can learn more in my post, Your Guide to Chicken Grit.

Gardening Resources

Below are great gardening resources such as products to help you grow your skills, seed companies I love, favorite gardening tools and supplies, and more!

Gardening Courses, Guides, & Planners

Below are the gardening courses, guides, and planners I’ve created to help you master your gardening skills so you can better succeed year after year.

Vegetable Gardening Made Easy

If you want to learn & master vegetable gardening, this course dives deep into tips and strategies such as,

  • Weed control
  • Crop rotation
  • Succession planting
  • Companion planting
  • Seed starting
  • Transplanting
  • Harvesting
  • And more!

Product display of my online course Vegetable Gardening Made Easy

Vegetable Gardening Workbook

This Vegetable Gardening Workbook will make planning out your garden easier than ever.

It includes schedules and charts with planting dates, frequency of succession plantings, crop families, cool & warm-season crops, as well as other gardening tips to make your gardening season as easy as can be!

Cover Image of a Vegetable Gardening Workbook

The Complete Zone 9b Vegetable Gardening Guide

This Vegetable Gardening Guide is the perfect guide for gardeners in zone 9. It includes,

  • Exact planting dates for over 30 vegetables
  • Indoor seed starting dates for spring and fall
  • A list of proven heat-tolerant vegetables
  • A list of zone 9b cool weather crops that will thrive
  • The best planting methods for all vegetables in your spring and fall garden
  • Plus specific zone 9b gardening strategies!

A Product Display of My Zone 9b Vegetable Gardening Guide

Gardening Planner

The secret to having gardening success is tracking what works and what doesn’t and this Gardening Planner will help you do that!

It contains my very own garden tracking methods with 8 different spreadsheets to plan, track, and crush your gardening goals!

Product display of my gardening planner

Gardening Books

Below are some great books every gardener should have on their shelf! There is something about flipping through a physical book that will always be better than scrolling on a screen.

Seed Companies & Seed Collections

Two of my favorite seed companies are,

They both include a great selection of hybrid, heirloom, and organic, seeds. Below are some great seed collections if you need inspiration!

Favorite Gardening Tools, Raised Beds, Etc.

Below are some of my favorite tools that I use on a regular basis and other recommendations such as raised garden beds, garden filtration systems, and more!

 Olle Gardens Raised Bed

The Olle Raised Garden Bed is a great quality, affordable raised bed for many gardeners. They are lightweight and easy to move around but they are made from material that will last. So if you’re looking into raised garden beds for your garden I highly recommend Olle Gardens.

Be sure to use the code AUDREY10 at checkout and you will get 10% off.

Olle Gardens makes each of the following options,

You can learn how to assemble them in my Youtube video here.

Olle Gardens raised bed

GroMax Water Filtration System

Fruits and vegetables are made up of 96% water, which means that the water we are watering our plants with is very important.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using the GroMax Water Filter,

  • Increases the effectiveness of your nutrients and fertilizers.
  • Healthier, higher-yielding plants, flowers, gardens, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Strengthens plant roots and protects your soil’s beneficial bacteria.
  • A must-have product for organic gardeners!

If you’d like to learn more, head to their site here.

GroMax Water Filter in the garden

Mini Hand Chainsaw

This mini chainsaw is the perfect tool for every gardening task. It cuts through old plants, small tree branches, hedges, herbs, or whatever it is that you’re needing to trim back or cut down.

Using this small, electric handsaw has made gardening tasks quick and easy and has saved hours of work.

You can watch me use it in my YouTube video here.

Gardening Shears

A nice set of good quality gardening shears always comes in handy whether you’re harvesting or trimming plants.

Garden Tool Set with Bag

I love having a toolset that stays organized in this bag. It’s so easy to leave tools out everywhere but I have found that having this bag to keep the tools easily organized has encouraged me to put them away after each use.


This is the greenhouse I currently have and it’s a great starter greenhouse that is fairly inexpensive. It is also big enough to start all of my transplants, store gardening supplies, and store plants in during the winter.

Seed Starting Supplies

Below is a list of all the supplies and materials you will need if you plan on starting your plants from seed to later transplant into the garden.

Canning Tools & Supplies

Below are all of the tools and supplies I use for canning and preserving. If you’d like to check out the recipes and information I have about canning you can learn more here.

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