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Unique Artificial Succulent Arrangements

Artificial succulent arrangements are great for areas that may not be suitable for live succulents. Plus they will always stay looking beautiful!

Artificial Succulents on a Piece of Driftwood

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I have always loved succulent plants and am constantly on the look out for one that I don’t have yet.

You could say I have a slight addiction to succulents… But I think that’s a good thing right! Since plants and gardening make me so happy!

So that being said I never cared for the artificial plants because the live ones are so great. But I have since changed my mind.

Some Background Information

Recently, I started a side business selling succulent arrangements and I have been absolutely loving it!

Succulents Planted in a Barn Wood Box
Succulents Planted in a Barn Wood Box

I started off only selling by word of mouth as well as here and there on Facebook and then I finally did my first craft fair.

It ended up doing better than expected and so then I decided that whenever a good craft show was close I would keep selling at them and see how it all played out.

In fact the upcoming show where I will be, which I am super excited for, is the Rusty Roots Show in Tulare, CA. So if you are from Central California you should definitely check it out!

How I Became Interested in Artificial Succulents

As I mentioned above, I started selling at craft fairs. Well, at my first booth I had only one arrangement with fake succulents and it was everybody’s favorite.

The reason I didn’t use real succulents was because I knew it would be hard to water them and I wanted the succulents to keep on looking great.

So I used fake succulents and was super pleased with all the reactions I had received. And what’s funny is, the lady who ended up purchasing the item initially didn’t want it because she thought the plants were REAL.

She then ended up purchasing when I assured her that they were fake. After that moment I realized there was a market for artificial succulents and so as long as they looked “real” I would start making more items with them.

Here is the picture of the arrangement.

Artificial Succulents On a Cow Skull

What Are Artificial Succulents

Artificial succulents are similar to silk plants and flowers in the sense that look similar to the real thing and they don’t require any care! Most of the fake succulents are made of high quality plastic that truly resemble the real thing!

Although, just like anything, there are poor quality succulents that definitely do look fake. So I stay away from those.

If you’re searching for a good place to buy from, Amazon has a few good selections of artificial succulents and so does Jamali Garden and Hobby Lobby.

What Are the Arrangements Good For

The artificial arrangements are great for so many things and for so many people!

Artificial Succulents on a Piece of Driftwood
Artificial Succulents on a Piece of Driftwood

The people they are good for are someone who:

  • Tends to kill all plants
  • Is busy, but wants beautiful plants
  • Travels a lot, therefore can’t care for plants
  • Wants the option of putting the arrangement anywhere
Artificial Succulents on a Log

The places that are perfect for these arrangements are:

  • On a coffee table
  • On a kitchen dining room table
  • Kitchen counter
  • Bathroom counter
  • Bedroom dresser
  • Hanging on the wall
  • Outside on garden furniture tables
Artificial Succulents on a Log

As you can see, artificial arrangements are great for so many areas and for so many people and that’s why I have grown to love them!

If you were like me and against fake succulents, give them another shot. If they are good quality then they can look as great as a live succulent!

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