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17 Great Gifts for Homesteaders

Whether you’re shopping for a succulent lover, ultimate gardener, baker, or crazy chicken lady, this list of gifts for homesteaders has it all! 

Christmas Gifts for Homesteaders

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Buying Gifts for Homesteaders

No matter who you’re buying for, finding that perfect gift can be a challenge. I know that I always struggle with finding the perfect gift. Maybe it’s not even possible, but I try!

So my hope in making this gift list is to help you out as you’re shopping for your homesteading friend. We all need something to spark our interest, so this should give you some great gift ideas.

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Gifts for Chicken Lovers

1. Fresh Eggs Daily – Fresh Eggs Daily is a great book about raising happy, healthy chickens, all naturally. I got this book for Christmas a few years back and I absolutely love it! When I have a concern about my chickens, I open up this book and I always find an answer.

2. Chickens: Naturally Raising A Sustainable Flock, 2nd Edition – This book is on my Christmas wish list! I’ve heard great things about it, plus it’s been rated as an Amazon best seller. The author Maat van Uitert is a backyard chicken expert. So this book of hers has all of the best credible advice on raising chickens.

3. Sloggers Waterproof Rain and Garden Boot – These are my all time favorite garden boots. I get a new pair or two every year. These boots are super comfortable and they are not cold like typical rubber boots.

4. Harris Farms Coated Wire Egg Basket – This large egg basket holds up to 6 dozen large chicken eggs. I have this basket and I love it. The wire is coated to protect the eggs from cracking. Plus you can put it right into the sink to wash eggs without worrying about it getting wet.

5. Women’s Original Rooster Apron – This is the perfect apron for any girl who loves chickens and cooks. It is unique, super cute, and covered with roosters!

Gifts for Gardeners

1. High-Yield Vegetable Gardening – This is a great book that I am constantly learning from. It teaches you everything about how to grow a high producing garden no matter what size space you have.

2. Gardening Tool Set – This gardening set includes EZ-cut pruners, lightweight aluminum tools with soft rubber handles. Bamboo gloves, an ergonomic garden tote, and high density comfort knee pads. This set is great because all of the important tools all included. Plus since it comes with a bag so the tools will stay organized.

3. Succulents (Idiots Guide)  – This is a wonderful book for any level of gardener. Whether you are a succulent expert or not, this book has great information.

4. Bonsai Jack Pumice – You’re probably seeing pumice and thinking “why would I give somebody pumice for Christmas?” But the pumice and the next item down, coconut coir, are the two items needed to make perfect homemade succulent soil.

Anybody who struggles with growing succulents can easily make this mix. If somebody’s succulents are not growing well it is likely from a poor draining soil anyways. So this homemade succulent soil would be the perfect solution.

5. Compressed Coconut Coir Brick – This is the second ingredient needed to make the perfect homemade succulent soil. If you click on the link above it will take you to my article that shows how to make succulent soil.

A perfect gift basket could be both ingredients plus a print out of how to make the homemade succulent soil. It would be helpful, plus fun and unique.

6. WILD PIXY Fairy Garden Accessories Kit – A Fairy garden is a super cute addition to any succulent or flower garden. If you’re buying for somebody with kids it is an especially great gift. The children will love helping to set up the fairy garden, plus checking on it daily!

7. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit – This is a really fun idea for any gardener, or non-gardener. Fresh herbs are the best, and even more so when they are in your kitchen window.

Gifts for Bakers

1. Farmhouse Chicken Apron – Every baker needs an apron! And if the baker you know is also a chicken lover then this apron will be a favorite. The apron features chickens, chicken footprints, hearts, and polka dots in red and tan.

Farm Life Hostess Apron – This is the perfect apron for any homesteader, or farm life loving lady. It is plain, yet unique and stylish with a hemline that contains pigs, sheep, roosters, and cows.

3. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier Cookbook – I have every Pioneer Woman cookbook and this is one of my favorites! This cookbook has recipes for delicious, cowboy approved comfort foods that the whole family will enjoy.

4. The Pioneer Woman Mason Storage Jar Lids – I just recently bought these mason storage jar lids and I love them! They seem like such a simple thing but they are wonderful. I make homemade dressing weekly and now I have easy to clean lids that fit on any regular mouth canning jar. These would make great stocking stuffers.

5. Five-Quart Dutch Oven – I absolutely love dutch ovens! They are so great and durable which is why I own three of them! This Pioneer Woman dutch oven is just adorable, and so it would be a great addition to anybody’s kitchen.

Enjoy Buying Gifts For Homesteaders

I hope that this list was helpful for all who read it. Buying gifts for homesteaders can be difficult especially if you aren’t one yourself.

So I hope you are inspired and have found that perfect gift for the chicken, garden, and baking lovers!

If you have any other great gift ideas I’d love to hear about them. So feel free to leave a comment below.

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