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How to Keep Your Chickens Cool in Summer

If you live in an area that has hot summers it’s important to help keep your chickens cool! So in this article, I will cover my best tips for keeping chickens cool during those hot summer days!

Chickens that are hot and panting outside in the heat

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just give our backyard chickens an air conditioner in their coop!

While maybe that’s possible for some, I know our power bill would not be pretty…

So during the dreaded summer months, it is important to do all that we can to help keep our feathered friends stay cool. Chickens can survive colder weather much better than you’d imagine, but the heat will just wipe them out!

In fact, we’ve had summers with extreme heat come on so fast that I’ve lost chickens practically overnight.

Unfortunately, there will always be unexpected situations but when I have time to prepare for the heat I take all the measures I can to prevent my hens from heat exhaustion, and sometimes that’s all we can do.

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Signs of Heat Stress

High temperatures, high humidity, and low amounts of airflow can all lead to heat stress so if any of these conditions are present be sure to check on your hens.

The signs to keep an eye out for are:

  • Panting
  • Pale combs and wattles
  • Lifting wings away from their body
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • Decrease or stop in egg production
  • Thin or soft-shelled eggs

Each of these signs can be a result of heat exhaustion and you should act quickly to help your hens cool off. If weather conditions don’t improve and your chickens get too stressed it can quickly result in a heat stroke.

So below I will go over the tasks you can complete to help your hens stay cooler.

A heat stressed chicken that is panting

How to Keep Your Chickens Cool in Summer

While it’s impossible to control the weather, it is possible for us as chicken keepers to help keep our flock cool. So here are some great ideas and tips!

How to Keep Chickens COOL in Summer

1.) Keep Their Water Cool

The chicken water can heat up super fast in the hot weather and so the first important thing you can do is provide cool and fresh water.

I have an automatic chicken waterer and so I spray it out every afternoon so it refills with cool water. Then when it’s really hot I give them an additional waterer that I fill with cool clean water each day.

Although sometimes it’s so hot outside the hose water never gets cool. So if that’s the case you can even add ice blocks into their water.

2.) Give Them Proper Ventilation

Chicken coop ventilation is important whether it’s hot or not. Of course in the wintertime, you don’t want cold drafts of air flowing through the coop but it is always important to have good ventilation for airflow and to prevent the smell of ammonia.

In the summertime, I prop open up the front door of my chicken coop and put a large sheet of horse paneling in the opening so a breeze can flow in.

But at least make sure you have open windows or two open doors so air can flow through.

3.) Provide Shade

Part of my chicken run has a roof over it and so my hens always have a shady area where they can hang out. But if you don’t have a covered area you could put up some shade cloth.

Or you could even start planting some trees around the chicken coop so they’d eventually have some natural shade as well!

4.) Give Them Plenty of Space

If you let your flock free-range this shouldn’t be an issue but if your chickens are locked up in a coop and chicken yard be sure that there is plenty of space to get away from each other.

We all know how fast body heat from others can warm us up and so the same goes for our chickens.

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5.) Set Up a Fan

Another great way to help keep your chickens cool would be to set up a fan. A barn fan is a great option because they are able to be mounted to the wall or ceiling which is great because then your chickens won’t try roosting on it.

6.) Set Up Misters

If you decide to set up misters it’s a great way to quickly provide a cool place for chickens to cool off. Chickens love to fluff in wet dirt but I’d recommend still having an area they can move to get out of the misters as well.

7.) Spray Down the Chicken Yard

Every time I spray down the chicken yard with the water hose my chickens go crazy!

They love the cool dirt and immediately start fluffing in it. So whenever you head out to check on your chickens just quickly spray down the run area, they’ll love it!

8.) Put Frozen Water Bottles Out

Another tip is to put frozen water bottles around the coop where your chickens like to hang out. If they get close or lay on the frozen water bottles it will help bring down their body temperature.

9.) Feed Frozen Treats

If you really want to spoil your chickens you can freeze fresh fruit and feed it to them! Chickens love fruit no matter what but if it’s frozen it’ll be the perfect treat for hot days!

You could also blend up fresh fruit with some water and freeze it in ice cube trays.

10.) Lower Their Protein

The first important thing to note is that you still should feed a 16% layer feed so that your hens will keep laying. But you should cut out additional high-protein treats and scraps.

The more protein that is consumed, the more energy that is produced, which in return produces more heat.

11.) Add Electrolytes to Their Diet

The last thing you can do to help your chickens through the heat of summer is to add electrolytes to their water. One that I have used and like is the Rooster Booster Vitamins and Electrolytes. You can order it here from Tractor Supply.

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Heat Tolerant Chicken Breeds

Overall, the majority of chicken breeds will survive better in colder weather as compared to the heat.

But there are breeds that can survive a hot day more easily and a few of those breeds include:

  • Easter Egger
  • Leghorn
  • Red Star
  • Silkie
  • Welsummer
  • White Crested Black Polish

While these breeds are bred to tolerate heat better than others, older chickens, heavy breeds, and broilers are the most susceptible to heat stress and should get the most attention during a heatwave.

Heat tolerant chicken breeds which include the Easter Egger, Leghorn, Welsummer, Red Star, Silkie, and Polish

How Chicken’s Naturally Cool Off

No matter which breed you have, there are a few characteristics that both help and hurt chickens during hot weather.

First, they do not sweat which makes it harder for them to bring down their body temperature.

Second, they pant which allows them to cool their internal temperature. Although, excessive panting uses lots of energy and depletes their nutrients.

Third, their body contains multiple air sacs so they are able to breathe in cool air and exhale hot air.

Fourth, they will raise their wings to expose their skin to airflow.

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Summary of Keeping Chickens Cool

Always providing your hens with clean and cool water is a must.

Ensuring that there is a shaded area for your hens is also extremely important.

It can also be very beneficial to have a small fan inside that points towards the nesting boxes so the hens that are laying have good airflow. You can also have a fan outside in the chicken run.

Chickens also love the water on a hot day and so you should spray down the chicken run a few times a day. After doing so the chickens will run to the puddles and begin cooling themselves down.

Overall, summer is just tough! So try to implement as many of these hacks as possible to give your hens the best chance at surviving the summer heat!

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  1. Thank You for that information I appreciate it but do you know why one of our mama hen also has one eye closed she seemed to have felt better after we cooked her flushed out her eye but today she’s eye closed again

  2. Great information! I’ve found diatomaceous earth to be a must have! It is my go to when I discover fly strike on my fat poopy butt chicken. She’s had it three times now and I check her backend almost daily! She had it pretty severely the first time and I thought I’d lose her, but she’s a tough ol bird lol. I won’t go into detail but long story short, after getting her cleaned up real good and spraying injured areas with blukote, I completely dust her with DE and pat it heavily on her rear and vent area. It’s been a life saver! I use it in the coop on the wood shavings and it deters flys and bugs. Highly recommend!

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