Benefits of the Olle Gardens Raised Bed

Raised bed gardening is becoming more and more popular. But for good reasons. It’s easier on the back and it keeps your plants contained in a specific area. But choosing what type of raised garden bed to get can be the hard part! So in this post, I’ll be going over a few of the wonderful benefits of the Olle Gardens Raised Bed!

Ivory Olle Garden Bed

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There are so many benefits to growing a garden and one of my greatest passions is helping people get started.

There is so much joy and fulfillment that comes from harvesting your own food and having just a bit of self-sufficiency.

But there’s a really common belief that you need tons of space or land in order to do so. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Sure, if you have minimal space you may be limited to the number of things you can grow. But even with just one raised garden bed, you can grow so much!

But the first roadblock that many people face is trying to decide which type of raised garden bed to build or buy.

So I wanted to share some benefits of the Olle Gardens Raised Bed which I personally believe is a great option for many gardeners.

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3 Benefits of Planting in the Olle Gardens Raised Bed

There are a few important things to keep in mind when you plant in raised beds such as the quality and durability of the material, the price, and the size.

And one of the reasons why I really love the Olle Gardens Raised Bed is that it meets each request.

So let’s cover the benefits a bit more in depth.

Round Olle Garden Bed

They Are Good Quality

The first benefit of these raised beds is that they are made out of galvanized steel coated with Aluzinc which makes them resistant to rust and harsh weather conditions.

This means they should last for many years and will not rot out as many other containers do in just a few seasons.

Another wonderful feature is that they are made from safe materials and so you don’t have to worry about anything harmful leaching into the soil.

They Are Affordable

Depending on what type of raised garden bed you buy or build, it can get pretty costly. Although it is important to remember that the initial investment into your garden is completely worth it.

Gardening is the start of a journey that allows you to grow your own food. And whether that is just a tomato plant and a few herbs or enough vegetables to skip the produce section at the grocery store, it’s a wonderful blessing and accomplishment!

If you’d like to learn about getting started, head to my post here, How to Start a Vegetable Garden.

But I also understand that cutting costs where you can is important. So I really appreciate that Olle Gardens offers raised beds that good quality at affordable prices.

I am thankful to be able to offer my followers 10% off if you use the code AUDREY10 at checkout. So head to the Olle Gardens website here, and be sure to use my code to save 10% on any purchase.

Sage green Olle Garden Bed

They Are Portable & Customizable

When it first comes to planning out your garden there are things you have to consider that will affect how well your plants grow. And one of the most important factors is making sure you plant in an area that gets enough sunlight.

But if you build more permanent planters and then discover that they are in a bad spot it’s a lot harder to start over.

With the Olle Garden Bed, you can move it. It won’t be as easy once it’s filled with soil but it’s not impossible. So it’s nice to know that you have the option to move it around if needed.

It’s also nice that you can take them with you if you move. So if you’re renting or living somewhere that you know you won’t be forever you can take these garden beds with you.

But one of my favorite features is that you can buy beds that are different shapes and sizes and ones that are customizable.

For example, there is a 12-in-1 raised bed that can be assembled into twelve different configurations.

But Olle Gardens makes all each of the following options,

So no matter what you’re looking for they have so many great options. If you’re in need of a raised garden bed there is no better time than now to start growing some of your own food.

The Olle Gardens raised bed is well-made with safe material, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and is easy to move around.

Whether you want one for yourself or to gift somebody else, you can save 10% by using my code AUDREY10 at checkout.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to put together!

Easy to Assemble Raised Garden Bed | Olle Gardens Raised Bed Assembly

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Ivory Olle Gardens Raised Bed

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