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Raising Chickens for Beginners

If you’ve been considering getting chickens but don’t know where to begin I have the book just for you! Even if you’ve had chickens for a while but would like to learn more, this ebook on raising chickens for beginners has a wealth of valuable information.

A Beginners Guide to Raising Chickens

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I have had chickens my entire life and I love them! They are the best addition to my little farm and I could not imagine life without them.

Chickens have the best personalities. They provide you with delicious farm-fresh eggs. And they are pretty easy keepers compared to all the other farm animals.

If you’ve never had chickens before I know it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin. So that’s why I’ve created this book for you.

It has all the information you need in the order you will need it.

Don’t let the fear hold you back any longer! This ebook will give you all of the knowledge you need for raising chickens! 

A Beginners Guide to Raising Chickens

What’s Inside the Ebook Raising Chickens for Beginners?

Below I’ll talk a bit about each of the sections within the book, giving you a glimpse of all the information you’ll receive.

Can You Have Chickens?

This section will go over legal issues and rules plus your way around some of them.

Why Do You Want Chickens?

Knowing exactly why you want chickens will help you choose the best breed.

Do you want them for egg production?

Do you want them as free-range chickens?

Do you want them for meat?

Do you want friendly chickens?

I will go over which chicken breeds are best for each purpose!

Choosing the Best Breed

Once you know your purpose, I will explain each of the different breeds and what they are best known for.

Chicken Coop Requirements

In this section of the book, we will go over chicken coop plans and requirements for the coop as well as the chicken run.

Such as how many square feet you will need per bird and where to have your nesting boxes and roosts.

Buying Chicks Vs. Older Chickens

There is a benefit and downside to getting baby chicks as well as getting older chickens so I’ll discuss both in detail.

How to Raise Chicks

If you decide to get baby chicks I will go over all the information you need on raising them.

Starting with where to buy them, how to set up your chick brooder with a heat lamp, feeding and watering them, all the way to the point of putting them in the chicken coop.

Free Range Vs. Cooped Up

There are pros and cons to free-range chickens as well as cooped-up chickens, so in this section, I’ll explain both sides.

What to Feed Chickens

I will go over the basics of food and water for your chickens as well as all the different types of feed. Such as layer feed and scratch and what your chickens need most.

Additional Information on Raising Chickens

The additional information will go over cleaning and collecting eggs, molting season, and broody hens.

It’s a Book You’ll Use Forever

We all have those books that we refer back to time and time again and this Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens is just that!

It’s full of the information you can always use for as long as you own chickens.

It’s both informational and motivational, so if you’re on the fence to buy chickens it will give you the confidence you need to make the leap!

Ebook Beginners Guide to Raising Chickens

Get your book today with an instant download!

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A Guide to Raising Chickens for Beginners


  1. Does your book come in a paperback or bound hard back? I prefer to hold onto some thing I don’t always carry my phone around for my information

    1. Hi Lynette, as of now it does not. But I agree that having an actual book really is so much better so I am in the process of getting that done as soon as possible and then there will be both options.

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