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DIY Valentine’s Day Succulent Arrangements

Are you looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift? How about a DIY Valentine’s Day succulent arrangement? Forget the cut flowers, give a gift that keeps on living! 

Valentines Day Succulent Arrangements

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I have a passion for succulents and I love making succulent arrangements. I make arrangements for all seasons and in this post, we’ll go over how to make arrangements for Valentine’s Day!

They are simple to make, fun, and beautiful, and they keep on living!

Cut flowers are super popular for Valentine’s Day and as thoughtful as they are, it’s unfortunate that they end up in the trash after they die.

So why not make your own Valentine’s Day succulent arrangement that will continue to grow? It’s the perfect gift for your loved one or to simply keep for yourself!

Steps Prior to Making the Arrangement

Below we’ll go over each material you need and each step to take care of prior to putting together your Valentine’s Day arrangement.

Materials Needed

Step 1, Get Your Pots

First, find Valentine’s-Day-themed pots. This is the part that inspired me to create an arrangement for Valentine’s Day.

I was shopping at my local nursery picking out some succulents and flowers to plant, and I saw the cutest heart-shaped pot!

That’s when the inspiration hit me and I knew I needed to make some arrangements for the upcoming holiday. So along with the heart-shaped pot I bought a few small red pots and a larger pink pot.

As you’re looking for the perfect container great options include, anything red, white, or pink. Or something heart-shaped.

Valentine's Day Themed Pots

Places to Find Succulent Pots & Containers

If you have a local nursery I would check there first. Nurseries usually have a large selection of pots and so you’ll have lots of choices.

Then check out any store that has a garden center, such as Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, or Home Depot.

In fact, the pink pot that I found was at Target and it was only $3!

Once you pick your pot, check to make sure that it has a drain hole. If it doesn’t then you will need to drill your own drain hole, but don’t worry, it is super easy.

Check out my article 3 Easy Steps to Drill Drain Holes in Ceramic Pots and it will walk you through each step.

You can also find some great options online. Here are a few of my favorites,

Step 2, Choose Your Succulents

Pick out your succulents. If you are familiar with succulents then you probably already have favorites and will have no problem picking out your plants.

But, if you don’t know where to begin, first decide if you would like the arrangement to be inside or outside.

There are succulents that are better suited for indoors and some that are suited better for outdoors.

Good choices for indoor succulents include,

Good choices for outdoor succulents include,



But there are tons of succulent varieties out there, so there is never a lack of choices.

If you’re looking for a place to start your succulent search head to your local nursery. Depending on where you live that is likely your best option.

But succulents have become so popular you can even order them online. I have bought many succulents online and I have always been pleased.

This shop here on Etsy has some great options. A few of my favorite succulents include,

Step 3, Get Succulent Soil

Get a good quality succulent soil. If you’re looking to buy a good mix I really like Bonsai Jack Succulent and Cactus Mix or Hoffman Cactus Mix. 

The great thing is that they can both be found on Amazon or you can check out local garden centers.

Another great option is making your own succulent soil and you can find out how by checking out my post, Homemade Succulent Soil.

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Succulent Arrangements

Now is time to put it all together. You have your pot, succulents, and soil!

First, Prepare Succulents

Take each succulent out of its original plastic pot and remove all of the soil from around the roots. It will most likely be stuck together like this.

Crassula Muscossa Succulent

After you gently remove most of the soil from around the roots it should look more like this.

Little Jewel Succulent

Repeat that process with all of your succulents and then they will be ready to plant in their pots.

Second, Add Succulents and Soil to Pots

Fill each pot about half way full with succulent soil mix. Then choose your succulents and arrange them where you would like them to be.

I start with one succulent at a time and once it is where I want it, I gently add soil around it and pack it in.

Then I will add the second succulent where I want it to be, fill in the soil around it, and pack it in.

I continue with that process until I’ve added all the succulents I want in that arrangement.

Succulent in Red Square Pot
Succulent Arrangement in Red Pot

Third, Add Finishing Touches

Top the soil with decorative pebbles. This step is optional but it gives a really nice finish to the overall arrangement!

Heart Shaped Succulent Arrangement
Succulent Arrangement in Pink Pot

How to Care for Your Arrangement

Wait at least a week before you water your succulent arrangement. Succulent roots get disturbed during the transplanting and the roots need to callous before getting water.

Then only water ever 1-2 weeks. Succulents will rot if they receive too much water, but a good thorough water once a week to every 2 weeks is needed.

Depending on if you planted indoor or outdoor succulents, place the arrangement in the recommended area and all should be good.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Whether you make this Valentine’s Day succulent arrangement for yourself or for a loved one, I know it will be loved! Succulents are great little plants and so this is sure to be a favorite!

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Homemade Valentines Day succulent arrangements

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