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10 Farm Gifts for Kids

If you’re in search of farm gifts for kids this list is for you! If I were still a kid, I’d hope that somebody were searching this list for me!

Gifts for farm kids at Christmas

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As a kid I spent most of my time playing outdoors and even though I think all kids should play outside there is still a need for great toys.

Every night is still going to get dark and there will hopefully always be some rainy days. So why not have some great toys that farm girls and boys can play with!

Now days I see kids with the coolest toys and kinda get a little envious wishing I had such cool gifts as a kid.

So my goal for the list of farm gifts for kids was to round up all of the greatest gifts that kids of all ages would love!

List of Farm Gifts for Kids

You can find all of these gifts on Amazon!

1.) Lil Bucker and PBR Chute Combo – This would be perfect for any little cowboy or cowgirl. The chute is a pop up that opens and closes. Is easy to assemble, and comes with a bouncy bull! I can just imagine the fun that kids would have bouncing around the house imagining they are coming out of a chute at a rodeo! It has a recommended age of 18 months to 3 years.

2.) Goodnight Tractor Series – This is a good gift for any child that loves their bedtime story. The book series has a great rating on Amazon with reviews that say how much their children love it. Parents also comment saying that it’s a wonderful story along with great illustrations.

3.) LEGO City Forest Tractor Building Kit – This is a great play set recommended for boys and girls from ages 5-12. It contains parts to build a log stand, a sturdy forest tractor with a moving arm, and opening claw grabber. Amazon users have commented saying how pleased they are because their kids have spent days building away!

4.) Junipero Classic Horse – I loved the movie Spirit as a kid and I had all of the plastic horses to the Spirit set. This 7″ plastic horse is Junipero on the new series “Spirit Riding Free.” I’ve heard that kids love this show which would make Junipero a perfect gift for a show fan or horse lover!

5.) Original Lincoln Logs – If you have never played with Lincoln logs then you may enjoy these as much as your kids! I played with Lincoln logs as a kid all the time and I loved them! Lincoln logs have been around forever and I hope they continue to be a favorite for every generation of kids.

6.) Play Farm Toys Set – This is an awesome toy set for any child age 3 and up. The farm setting has cows, horses, a goat, and farmers. Plus tractors, a livestock and milk transporter, milking station, fence panels, farm signs, a wheel barrow and milk cans.

7.) Wooden Horse Corral Fence – This is fencing for children’s farm animals and it’s rated excellent on Amazon because it has good quality wood pieces that are smooth to touch. It comes assembled and kids get to design their own pen shapes and sizes. It would be really fun for any kid that enjoys being creative and using their imagination.

8.) Farm Animal Set – These farm animals are a perfect start to a child’s farm animal collection. These high quality plastic, individually painted farm animals would be perfect to go along with the wooden horse corral fence.

9.) Kids Gardening Set – There is nothing better than spending time in the garden. At least for myself anyways! So letting your kids have their own set of tools is the perfect way for them to spend time with you, plus learn the value of being in the garden.

10.) Play Horses – As a kid my collection of plastic horses was huge and I played with them all the time! So if a child you know is a horse lover, you can’t go wrong with these Schleich horses. They are highly durable and made with quality plastic. Plus there are also so many options to choose from such as the American Tennessee Walker, Pinto Mare, and North American Andalusian Mare.

Let Finding Gifts for Kids Be Easy

I hope you have found the perfect gift for the farm kid you’re shopping for!

Also, if you’re in search of a gift idea for older children or adults, check out my gift guide for homesteaders. It has some great gift ideas for those who love chickens, baking, or gardening!

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