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Must See Hallmark Christmas Movies and Hallmark Towns

During the holiday season there is nothing that I love more than Hallmark Christmas Movies! They are the best feel good movies and there is no better way to get into the holiday spirit!  So if you’ve never watched Hallmark before, you’re going to love this list of all my favorite must see Hallmark Christmas Movies!

Must See Hallmark Christmas Movies

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I know there are many Hallmark Christmas fans, but I’d like to think that I might be one of their biggest super fans.

In high school I would get up every morning at 4 am just to be able to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie before I left for school. And it was always the perfect start to my day!

And now years later, I will still get up extra early to fit in a movie if I know I have a busy day ahead of me. They are just that good!

Hallmark’s 10th Anniversary Countdown to Christmas began on October 26, 2019 this year. Which means Christmas movies will be airing 24/7 all the way to New Years!

And if you haven’t already noticed, Hallmark plays Christmas movies on two different channels. They have the Countdown to Christmas going on one channel and then the Miracles of Christmas going on another channel.

But if you’d like an easy way to stay on top of all of them, Hallmark channel now has a Hallmark Movie Checklist App!

It tells you when all the new and old movies are playing so you never miss a favorite!

So now if you’re ready, grab a delicious hot cup of cranberry cider and a few pieces of old fashioned peanut butter fudge and start your Christmas movie marathon!

Must See Hallmark Christmas Movies

1.) The Christmas Card (amazon) – Is about a soldier named Cody serving in Afghanistan who is touched when he receives an anonymous Christmas card. Once Cody gets back to the United States he heads off to Nevada City, California (where the letter had come from).

He then unexpectedly runs into the girl who sent him the card (not yet knowing it was her). Later he falls in love, but he has one big road block! She has a boyfriend who eventually proposes solely out of jealousy over the handsome soldier.

2.) Matchmaker Santa – Melody has a boyfriend and thinks that things are great as he invites her to his lake house for the holidays. But the boyfriend delays and sends his best friend Dean to take Melody to the lake house instead.

In the meantime, Melody and Dean became stranded in a cute Christmas town. While being stranded, they discover that they could be the ones meant for each other!

3.) A Christmas Detour – Is about two travelers whose flight lands in the same airport during a snowstorm. Paige is desperate to get a flight to meet her fiancé’s family for the holidays, while Dylan is bitter from a recent heartbreak. The two of them go on an adventure together and love surprises them both.

4.) Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle – Is about a widowed man who is struggling to find a housekeeper and nanny for his 6-year-old twin boys. The wild boys run off all prospects until Mrs. Merkle shows up, who the boys end up calling “Mrs. Miracle.” Who in the end really ends up being a miracle during the holidays.

5.) Finding Father Christmas – Is about a woman named Miranda who is faced with a painful reminder of the family she never had during the Christmas season. Her mother died when she was young, without ever reveling the identity of her father.

But, three days before Christmas, Miranda unexpectedly receives a clue about her father’s whereabouts. She ends up in a beautiful New England town where she meets Ian, a man who helps with her search.

6.) Engaging Father Christmas – In Finding Father Christmas Miranda fell in love with Ian, the local man who helped her as she searched for her father, James Whitcomb, who was a famous actor. Miranda then has to promise the existing family that she won’t spill the secret about her father being a famous actor.

7.) Marrying Father Christmas – Now it’s the end to the sequel, Miranda and Ian got married! It was another great movie that you won’t want to miss!

8.) Christmas Under Wraps – Dr. Lauren Brunell is counting on a prestigious hospital fellowship but when that plan doesn’t go through she goes to a remote town in Garland, Alaska. She soon finds out that she loves being a small town doctor. Later on she has to make the choice to stay for love or take the fellowship she once dreamed of.

9.) A Very Merry Mix-Up – Alice is nervous about meeting her in laws for the first time at Christmas, and what makes things worse is that she will be getting there before her fiancé. Alice breaks her phone at the airport but thankfully runs into her fiancé’s brother. (Or at least who she thought was the brother). She actually ends up spending days with the wrong family. Then ends up disappointed when she meets the actual family of her fiancé.

10.) A Bramble House Christmas – While settling his father’s estate, Finn Conrad becomes suspicious as to why his father had left a nurse $50,000. His father only knew the nurse for less than two months before he died. Just before Christmas, Finn wants to reclaim what he considers his family’s money. But then discovers the nurse was really a women in need, not a conniving gold digger at all.

11.) Christmas in Evergreen – A Veterinarian who set out to have a perfect Christmas with her longtime boyfriend has a magical and even better holiday than she ever imagined when she ends up stranded in an airport with a charming doctor and his sweet daughter.

12.) Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa – Lisa returns to her hometown to see that the general store has been closed down. So she uses her designer skills to reopen it along with the help of a handsome handyman.

Note: This year, premiering on December 14, 2019 the 3rd movie to the Christmas in Evergreen Sequel will play. It’s called Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy.

13.) A Bride for Christmas – A woman calls off her 3rd wedding engagement in a row and swears off men and relationships. But not for long. A charming man comes into her life who had bet his friends that he could get Jessie to marry him by Christmas.

14.) A Cookie Cutter Christmas – Christie and Penny are both teachers at a school as well as long time rivals from child hood. They end up competing in a cookie bake-off. Christie, determined to win, gets baking help from a charming father of one of her students

15.) A December Bride – Layla is dreading her cousins wedding because she is marrying her ex-fiancé. But in the meantime Layla gets a great wedding date who surprises her with a shocking announcement.

16.) A Wish for Christmas – Sara makes a wish to Santa to finally have courage to stand up for herself, but once the wish is granted she only has it for 48 hours. Sara surprises everybody with her boldness and ends up on a Christmas journey with her boss.

17.) Christmas Cookies – A famous small town Christmas cookie company is sold to a huge corporate company but when the executive of the company goes to close the deal she in infected by the Christmas spirit and is unable to shut down the town’s beloved cookie company.

18.) Christmas in Love – A small town baker wins over the heart of a big-city CEO who came into town to modernize her bakery. She teaches him the true meaning of Christmas and how it’s really the people in the town who make her pastries so special.

19.) Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe – Darcy returns to her hometown and reconnects with an old rival who becomes the complete opposite of a rival. He helps her to find her new path in life and in the process they fall in love.

20.) The Sweetest Christmas – Kylie is a pastry chef who is surprised when she makes it to the American gingerbread competition but just when she thinks all her work has paid off she is faced with multiple problems.

21.) Christmas Homecoming – A military widow rents an apartment to an injured Army Captain and they both find themselves being healed by the magic of Christmas.

22.) Dashing Through the Snow – As Ashley is in a rush to get home for Christmas she ends up renting the last rental car with a stranger. As they set on their adventure they are faced with a very unexpected road bump to romance.

23.) Magical Christmas Ornaments – Marie finds her Christmas spirit again when her mom starts sending her the family’s Christmas ornaments. Each ornament brings a positive change to her life, including love.

24.) Snowed Inn Christmas – This one is actually a Life Time channel Christmas movie but the two main actors are Hallmark actors whom I love, Andrew Walker and Bethany Joy Lenz. The two journalists go out out of town to complete a special writing assignment about Christmas. Their plane had to take an emergency landing in Santa Clause, Indiana. As they stay in Santa Clause, they find love, Christmas spirit, and get the opportunity to save a historic inn.

A Common Theme Amongst My Favorite Hallmark Movies

You may have noticed that almost all of the must see movies have a majority of the same actors and actresses.

And while there are so many other hallmark original movies that are still great. You just can’t beat the movies that star:

  • Candace Cameron Bure
  • Lacey Chabert
  • Eric Krakow
  • Andrew Walker
  • Paul Greene
  • Brendan Penny

These are some of the very best Hallmark actors and they never disappoint!

Have You Ever Wondered Where Hallmark Christmas Movies Are Filmed?

There is something about the charming small towns in hallmark movies that I fall in love with. Especially in their holiday movies.

I always catch myself cuddled up next to the fire with a hot drink, wishing all towns could be so sweet and charming.

Hot Coco and Popcorn Being Enjoyed Next to a Warm Fire While a Hallmark Christmas Movie Plays

And while some of those towns really only exist in the movies. There are a few that you can actually visit which include:

1.) Nevada City, California which is the scene in the Christmas Card.

2.) Santa Clause, Indiana which is the scene in Snowed Inn Christmas.

3.) Squamish, Brittish Columbia, Canada which is the scene in Christmas Cookies.

Nevada City, CA and Santa Clause, IN both also appear in The Travel Channel’s Facebook Favorite’s: Towns With Holiday Spirit.

So if you’re looking for a Christmas trip to take this year, try out one of those towns! I know I am going to try to.

But if traveling isn’t possible, at least join me in watching all the must see Hallmark Christmas movies. There is no better way to get into the spirit of Christmas!

Merry Christmas, and have a blessed holiday season!

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Must See Hallmark Christmas Movies


  1. I love Hallmark movies and try to watch them often. Once when I needed a restful day I watched three in a row. Heaven! It’s wonderful watching positive uplifting shows. Makes you feel that anything is possible.

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for your wonderful reply, I completely agree! They always make me feel so happy because they are so uplifting. They really do make you feel like anything is possible!

      1. Hi Elaine, I completely agree. I love that they always leave me feeling joyful and happy! They’re always perfect for brightening up your day.

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