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Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Garland

There’s no better project to start off the holiday season than DIY Christmas garland. It’s super easy and there are so many variations, making it easy to match all your other holiday decor.

DIY Christmas Garland on Front Porch

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This year one of my best friends and I made homemade Christmas garland to decorate her front porch, and it came out great!

There is no better way to get into the holiday spirit than to spend a day Christmas decorating with your best friend!

She has a cute farm house, and so instead of searching for the perfect holiday garland to match all of her other decorations, we made our own to match perfectly.

We used red burlap ribbon and red christmas ornaments, which was the perfect combination up against the white trim on the house.

But the best part about this DIY project is that you can use any colors or variations that you’d like.

Plus you can hang the garland wherever you’d like. So depending on where you want it, will determine how much you make.

But it’s really easy to add on to so don’t worry if you end up needing to add on more after you’re finished.

How to Make DIY Christmas Garland

Supplies needed:

Plain green Christmas garland (amazon)

Ribbon (we used this red burlap ribbon)

Christmas ornaments

Red or green pipe cleaners 0r florist wire

Christmas ornament hooks

Other decoration options:

Pine cones

Candy canes

Artificial poinsettia flowers

Sprigs of artificial red berries

Steps to Making Christmas Garland:


Take your green garland and spread it out flat. Then take another strand of garland and double it up by twisting the two strands together.

This will make it look more full. Then fluff all of the branches.

If one strand of garland seems full enough you don’t have to double it up though.


Start about a foot from the end of the garland and wrap your ribbon of choice around the garland. You can even use multiple types of ribbon if you have more than one that you like.

Just keep the distance between each wrap consistent.


If you have multiple strands of garland to make it longer, simply twist the ends together, so it continues on as one long strand.

Then when it comes time to connecting another strand of ribbon, if you run out of the first roll, use a pipe cleaner or florist wire and connect the two ends.

The pipe cleaners blend in well so you don’t notice them in the garland. We used red because we had red ribbon. But green would blend in well to the garland.

Although the florist wire blends in great as well. We just already had the pipe cleaners, so you can use whatever you have on hand.


Evenly space out the ornaments you’re using, or other decorations such as pine cones and then begin attaching each one.

We used christmas ornament hooks to attach each ornament and twisted the wire around a branch in the garland instead of hanging them, so they wouldn’t be able to fall off. But you can use the florist wire and do the same thing.


Hang your garland wherever you’d like or set it out somewhere such as the fireplace mantel. We hung it outside above the front porch and used tiny finish nails to tack it up.

We would then wrap a tiny branch of the garland around each nail to give it extra stability.

Christmas Garland Ideas

  • Citrus garland – for a unique garland, check out how to make citrus garland.
  • Red, white, and blue garland – if you’re going for a patriotic theme try adding in red and white ribbon, blue stars, and small American flags.
  • Farmhouse garland – this was the look we went for using red burlap ribbon and simple red christmas ornaments. Plaid ribbon would be another really cute farmhouse look though.
  • Traditional Christmas garland – shiny gold and red ribbon wrapped around the garland with sprigs of artificial berries, and red and gold ornaments.
  • Rustic cabin garland – use brown burlap ribbon along with plaid ribbon, pine cones, and sprigs of artificial red berries.
DIY Christmas Garland

Best Places to Put Christmas Garland

  • Above the front door
  • Along the front porch eve
  • On the mantel
  • Down the center of the table for part of the centerpiece
  • On the railing of a staircase
  • Along the top of a piano

I hope you have a wonderful time making this DIY Christmas garland and that you have a Merry Christmas!

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DIY Christmas Garland

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