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The Simple Product That Made Canning Better Forever

If you’ve ever canned before then you know about the dreadful moment of waiting for water or your recipe to come to a boil. Well this amazing product will change your canning process forever! 

A Propane Wok Burner Used for Simple and Quick Canning

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Well it’s officially the time of year for canning everything! Jams, jellies, pickles, spaghetti sauce, and more!

And I really love doing it!

I grew up canning all the time with my grandpa and I learned so much from him. As I think back on some of those memories I wish I would have set up up a video camera and recorded the whole process just to learn all over again.

But one of my most vivid memories every time we canned was switching back and forth taking turns stirring because for anything to come to a boil in a huge canning pot just takes forever!

So lately, I’ve been canning lots of pickles, first because my cucumbers are out of control, but second because when you’re canning pickles you don’t have to wait as long for anything to boil.

Or so I thought…

The process of making the pickles is really fast, but waiting for the large water bath canner full of water to come to a boil took forever.

We only have an electric glass top stove (which really are not recommended to put water bath canners on anyways) and it took over an hour for the water to come to a boil to be able to process the jars!

Granted, if you have a gas burning stove this process is likely to be much quicker than an electric stove, but it still takes awhile!

So I started brainstorming what I could do different and found the greatest product for canning!

The Great Product for Simple Canning

The Portable Propane Burner With Adjustable Legs


As I started thinking of what I could use, knowing I obviously couldn’t get a new kitchen stove without a kitchen remodel, I went walking through the garage and spotted our wok burner!

It is perfect for many reasons but here are a few of my favorite things about it!

  1. It’s portable and easy to move around.
  2. The legs are adjustable and so if you’re short like me, it’s much easier for stirring.
  3. It has an extremely hot burner that brings substances up to a boil quick!
  4. You can use it outside, preventing your kitchen from getting messy and hot.

So I’d say that this propane wok burner is pretty perfect!

My First Time Canning With It

After a few weeks ago of canning pickles purposely to have a quick canning process, and it taking over an hour for my water bath canner to come to a boil, that’s when I decided I needed a change!

So after finding this propane wok burner I made pickles again.

I filled up the water bath canner and put it outside and turned the heat to medium.

I walked inside for less than 10 minutes, then went outside to check on the water (thinking I’d need to turn up the heat to get it to a boil faster) and it was already up to a FULL rolling boil!

And that’s when I decided I would never can inside again unless I had to!

That propane wok burner changed my canning process to a quick and amazing canning experience!

So if you’re looking for something that will bring your huge pots up to a boil extremely fast, then this is what you need!

Best of all, it has multiple purposes. You can also put a wok on it and cook large amounts of food. It’s really awesome for camping and any sort of outside cooking.

It is really easy to use and easily connects to a propane bottle.

And it is sold on amazon with free shipping!

It’s definitely one of my new favorite products for simple canning!

A Few Other Canning Essentials That I Love 

I hope you enjoy your time canning and if you’re looking for a product to make canning simple and quicker, try out the propane wok burner!

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    1. Hi Roy, I have not used this burner with my pressure canner yet but I am sure it would work great. The glass stove top just doesn’t seem to get the heat of a real flame and that’s why I am really enjoying canning on the propane burner outside.

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