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The Best Christmas Gifts for Farmers

Trying to find perfect gifts for farmers may be one of the most difficult shopping experiences! Because what more do they really need?

A Wrapped Gift for a Farmer

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But of course when it comes to days like Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day we all would like to find that great gift!

So my hope is that this gift guide will give you some inspiration as you’re shopping for your favorite farmer!

Coming from a farming family myself, I’ve put some thought into gifts I already know that they love as well as some others that were too good to not add to the list!

Farmer Gift Ideas

Below I’ll share all the different types of gifts sorted out by men, women, and kids, as well as different types of gifts such as stocking stuffer ideas and larger gift ideas.

Gifts for Farmer Men

1.) Personalized Farm Coffee Mug – Every farmer starts his day off with coffee, so this is always a good practical gift!

2.) Carhartt Jacket – A nice Carhartt jacket is perfect, especially for cold mornings!

3.) Columbia Vest – A vest is one of my favorite types of clothing! You can layer up or just wear it by itself when it’s not too cold!

4.) Case Pocket Knife – Every farmer needs a good pocket knife and you can never have too many! Case is a great quality pocket knife that my family and I all use!

5.) Yeti Coffee Mug – Everybody in my family has this mug and we all love it! It keeps your drinks hot and cold longer than any other mug we’ve ever had!

6.) Traeger Grill – Now this is a big one! But… it’s an awesome gift! This was the best Christmas gift I bought a few years back!

My parents use it every week and absolutely love it!

Gifts for the Farmer Ladies

1.) Culinary Herb Seeds Collection – This is a collection of annuals and perennials with 10 of some of the most popular herbs so she can have fresh herbs year round!

2.) Muck Boots – These are my all-time favorite boots for outside! Whether it be for farm chores or walking through the mud they are great!

They are well-insulated and way more comfortable than any other type of rubber boot I’ve ever worn!

3.) Pioneer Woman Cookbook – This is the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook called “Super Easy: 120 Shortcut Recipes for Dinners, Desserts, and More!” If you aren’t familiar with the Pioneer Woman, she is amazing!

I own every cookbook she has ever put out and they are my all-time favorites. Her recipes are all created with farmers and ranchers in mind!

4.) Picture Printed on Wooden Planks – I had a wedding picture of our family printed out from this company on Etsy and it was amazing! I wanted something unique printed on wood and it came out better than I was hoping!

This would be a wonderful and meaningful gift!

5.) Hummingbird Feeder – If she likes hummingbirds you can’t go wrong with this gift! I have hummingbird feeders out in the garden, on the front porch, and back porch!

I could never have too many and so it’s a great option!

Gifts for the Farmer Kids

1.) Baketivity (Baking Kits and Subscriptions) – These kits are amazing!

They are made for kids to bake with their parents and each kit comes with a recipe book, pre-measured color-coded ingredients, an activity, and an educational booklet!

This is definitely a gift all kids will have fun with, especially with their time home for the holidays!

2.) Grow and Make Garden Kit for Kids – This kit is designed perfectly for kids to grow their own garden! It comes with the seeds, peat pellets, mini-greenhouse, plant markers, and more!

3.) Stick Horses – I’m not sure if you had a stick horse as a kid but if you did you know how fun they were! I sure loved mine!

This is a great toy for kids to run around the farm with!

Check out more gifts for farm kids in this gift guide here!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1.) Pioneer Woman Mason Jar Lids – These mason jar lids are not for canning but are reusable lids that you can use over and over. We love to make homemade dressings in mason jars and these lids are so handy versus the two-part canning lids!

2.) The Old Farmer’s Almanac – I get this for my mom every year because it’s always her favorite stocking stuffer!

The Farmer’s Almanac is filled with so much fun information!

3.) Seed Packets – I love planting seeds and I especially love to try out new types of plants. Giving the gift of seeds is perfect for anybody that likes to garden!

The company I’ve linked to is True Leaf Market and they are one of my favorites that I order from each year!

Subscription Gift Ideas for Farmers

1.) Beer Drop – One thing I know that a lot of farmers have in common is their love for beer! And another thing many of them like is staying home, especially after a long day.

So what better way to enjoy both than with a beer subscription that gets delivered right to their door!

2.) Shaker and Spoon Cocktail Club – I always enjoy trying new cocktail recipes but I also enjoy staying home. So the idea of a monthly box getting delivered right to my house with original recipes and all of the ingredients to make them sounds amazing!

3.) Grill Masters Club – This subscription is great for those who like to BBQ! In many families, it’s the man but in my family, it’s always been my mom, and she’s always wanting to try out new recipes!

So getting new recipes, sauces, rubs, and more delivered monthly is a great gift that will be fun and useful for months to come!

4. House Plant Box – With this subscription, they will get a monthly box of unique houseplants, succulents, plant cuttings, or seeds!

Enjoy This Gift Guide

I hope this gift guide has given you some inspiration and made finding gifts for farmers much easier!

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