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Best Heat Tolerant Vegetables to Grow

If you’re looking for some of the best heat-tolerant vegetables to grow this year, here are some of my favorites!

A variety of hot weather vegetables harvested from the garden

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Growing a vegetable garden in extreme temperatures can be challenging.

Whether it be that you live somewhere that’s freezing, or if you live somewhere with extreme heat.

In my case, I live in gardening zone 9b which means we have some pretty darn hot summers!

If that’s the case for you too, try growing some of these hot weather vegetables this year! 

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Heat Tolerant Vegetables

Some vegetables thrive in cooler temperatures and others need warmth and long days to mature.

So when it comes time to plant vegetables, it’s important to know whether the vegetable is a warm-season or cool-season crop. 

In this article, I have only listed warm-weather vegetables but I also give some specific varieties that are favorites or that have specific qualities such as tolerance to drought, extreme heat, and humidity.

So if you’re looking for some of the best vegetables to grow in your garden that can withstand the hot summer heat, here they are!

A bowl of freshly harvested summer vegetables


There are lots of bean types to choose from such as snap beans, shell beans, and yardlong beans.

Some varieties grow as a bush and can be harvested quicker and others are pole varieties that should be trellised but will produce for a longer period of time. 

Here are a couple of varieties to try,

Green beans growing in the garden


Corn loves the summer heat but it requires a fairly long growing season with warm weather. If you have a shorter growing season you may want to skip planting corn or make sure to choose a variety that matures quickly.

Corn plants growing


Cucumbers are one of my favorite summertime vegetables because they are so easy to grow and there are so many ways to use them. You can make pickles, add them to salads, or just eat them raw.

A few of my favorite recipes include bread and butter pickles and this cucumber vinegar salad.

A few great varieties to grow are,

A cucumber growing on the vine


Eggplant actually grows wild in South Asia and so because of its natural habitat, it grows great in the warm weather.

It should be planted in full sun and if you’re short on space it will even grow well in containers.

Eggplant growing in the garden


Okra is another great crop to grow in the summertime! It is so delicious when it’s pickled or fried, or even just quickly sauteed with some garlic and butter!

Okra growing in the garden


The great thing with peppers is that they all pretty much love the heat! So it really just depends on what type of peppers you like to use.

My absolute favorite pepper to grow is the Shishito pepper! I cook them every week throughout the season because they are so productive and are so easy to make.

One of my favorite recipes is shishito peppers pan-seared with garlic and soy sauce.

Shishito peppers growing in the garden

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It is always fun to plant pumpkins because there are so many different varieties for different uses. But one thing they all have in common is that they are all edible!

So as you choose which type of pumpkin to plant pick the type that you like best! Whether it be a flat kind to make succulent topped pumpkins or an extra tasty kind that is best for baking with!

Pumpkins growing in the garden

Summer Squash

Summer squash may be one of the most popular vegetables for home gardeners. But for a good reason because it is super easy to grow!

A few varieties that thrive all summer long are,

Summer squash growing in the garden

Winter Squash

One of the things I like most about growing winter squash is that it has such a long shelf life.

That means at the end of the season you can harvest and store them for months ahead!

Butternut squash growing in the garden

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are best grown from slips which can often be found at your local garden center, nursery, some online seed suppliers, or from a local farmer.

But since they are sometimes hard to find, any variety you can come across will be good for planting.

Freshly harvested sweet potatoes


If you like Mexican food then growing tomatillos is a must!

The secret is to plant at least two plants to make sure that the blooms get pollinated and then the rest of their care is pretty similar to tomatoes.

Tomatillos growing on the plant


Of all the years I’ve grown a garden, I have never once gone without tomatoes. They are definitely a favorite!

I love using them fresh, in homemade salsa, and in canning recipes!

So if you’ve never grown tomatoes be sure to try them out this year because they are one of the most delicious fruits you’ll ever harvest!

There are so many amazing varieties but here are a few of my favorites that grow great every summer,

Tomatoes growing in the garden

Grow Your Best Summer Garden With These Hot Weather Vegetables

I hope going through this post has given you the inspiration to plant your summer garden!

If you plant the right vegetables you can have a thriving garden even in extreme heat! So be sure to add these heat-tolerant vegetables to your list and enjoy your amazing harvests!

If you live where the summers get hot it’s likely that you’re a fellow zone 9b gardener. If so, be sure to learn more by heading to my Zone 9b Vegetable Planting Guide.

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Heat Tolerant Vegetables Growing in the Garden


  1. Hello Audrey,,
    I live in Tucson Az. I really appreciate you teaching me how to plant a garden here in AZ. As for our garden, I am planting in containers right now, and they are growing mushrooms along with my plants. Its driving me crazy. I have allergies to mushrooms so its a pain trying to keeping them out and thinking my herbs and vegis are going to be safe for me to eat! We are going to move my raised bed green this spring to the east side of our house to get the morning sun. It holds about 3 yards +/- soil. We will need to empty out the soil that is in there and start over. What I had in there was manure,…horse and cow…for the base, garden soil from the sand and and gravel place, then finish with top soil also from sand and gravel place. It did not work. Any suggestions? My husband made my raised garden which is large. I can send a photo if you would like. I’d really would like to use it again if possible. Its about 3′ deep all around, shaped like a blocked letter ‘c’. I appreciate any help. I am also in zone 9b i believe.

    Blessings you you and your family,
    Mary Felix

  2. hi I’m real new to gardening, I live in San Antonio tx I belive zone 9 we get real hot weather. I’m doing a 4ftx4ft 22 in deep raised bed going on a spot of my grass,I’ll cover with a weed barrier,than coardboard.Hers my problem, what do I fill it with? I’m planting, zucchini, yellow squash, carnival peppers,and cucumber. I’m doing my tomatoes in pots.than I have a cart on wheels that holds 2.5 cubic soil I’ll plant a few iceberg lettuce and carrots. Am I being to ambitious?? some help please.

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